From PrimeTime to Anytime – Proven Tips to Win the OTT Battle

We live in an always connected, mobile-first world. A world that’s moved from movie theaters to TV to streaming entire shows and movies on mobile apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Hotstar, and Ditto

Today’s consumers expect instant gratification. And they want to be in control — of what they watch and when they watch it.

OTT platforms are giving the consumers the power of television with the scale, agility, and the innovations of the internet. From sports programming and entertainment studios producing films for a niche audience to regional newsrooms and radio stations looking to launch mobile-first media destinations, media and OTT apps oer twofold benefits.

First, extending the reach of existing content to new audiences. And second, increasing audience engagement with new content experiences

With this shift also comes a set of challenges that OTT platforms have to overcome.

• Delivering messages across multiple devices while keeping personalized, relevant context

• Optimizing content discovery so the right content reaches the broadest applicable audience at the right time

• Enabling live interaction with customers that adds to the experience instead of interrupting it

• Experiencing high churn rates due to a wide variety of subscription models and billing flexibilities

With these obstacles, it’s no surprise that only 43% of all media and entertainment apps continue to be used just one month after download.