2024 Digital Experience Benchmarks

A nasty combination of rising marketing spend and declining traffic is sweeping across digital, creating a significant deficit for digital leaders to overcome.

In 2023, marketers poured more budget into paid channels than in 2022, surpassing $1 trillion in ad spend for the first time, and the top paid traffic sources each logged double-digit increases.1 Despite these efforts, however, total web visits fell -3.6% yearover-year.

The combination of higher spend on paid sources and fewer visits inflated the cost per visit by +9.4%. Digital teams now face an uncomfortable reality: It takes more spend to attract a smaller crowd

A visit has never been so valuable.

The pressure is mounting on digital teams looking to drive results from these increasingly precious visits. They’ve responded by loading up on optimizationpromising apps and solutions, from AI-infused chatbots to live event streaming and more.

Sites have more sizzle than ever. But these apparent ‘solutions’ only mask—and often contribute to—a fundamental issue negatively impacting digital journeys.

That issue is frustration. While encouraging advances were made in reducing friction in the experience in 2023, it still impacted 2 out of every 5 user sessions in some way.

Frustration can have painful consequences on customer engagement, and digital teams need to continue to combat it in 2024. We’re here to help them do that

This year’s Digital Experience Benchmark Report dissects the entire digital customer journey, sharing the most important digital KPIs and surfacing frustration (and its impact) so it can be identified and eliminated.

Along the way, we provide insights to help digital leaders optimize their experiences and fully capitalize on every ever-more valuable visit in 2024.

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